P+C Vendor Showcase at Co-op Board Meeting 2017


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We are totally humbled to be a part of this year’s 2017 Boise Co-op Board Meeting and Vendor Showcase.  The Boise Co-op offers wonderful local products!  On a typical day at the market you can find an amazing variety of fresh and healthy food, amazing wine, produce, as well as health and wellness products.  One of the best things about the Co-op is that they serve the community in tremendous ways!

We are proud to say that Peaches + Creamies had the opportunity to showcase all products last Saturday at Jump Boise!  We met many interesting and kind people who love our city as well as the Boise Co-op.  We were able to hand out several samples of our creams – Green Tea, Lavender, Cocoa-Mint and Ginger-Lime!  Coupons were also handed out to encourage trying our products.

Love your skin and your community!

Peaches + Creamies

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