This is the BEST facial cleansing method!

I am re-posting this blog because I’m totally convinced this method works!!

Did you ever have blemish free, blotchy free, beautiful skin? I would like to think that I used to! As I’ve aged, I have definitely experienced a big change in my skin. About a year ago, not only did I start noticing problem skin like brown spots, broken capalaries, and dry skin, I also started noticing a big change that I had never experienced before – ACNE! As a teen, I would have an occasional pimple or two but nothing like this! I was told by a dermatologist that I was experiencing “hormonal” or “adult” acne. Lucky me! Really?!

I tried at least 2 different product lines without noticeable results. As I started doing more research, I realized that I was spending too much money on products and I may need to try something more natural (especially since this is my whole philosophy with my own skin essential line!

I found something! Oil cleansing! Yes; cleansing with oil on my new found, acne prone skin! Sound strange?

Here is my facial skin care routine and it has made a huge difference!

1 part coconut oil (my fav is the one that comes in a tube!)
1 part sweet almond oil (this one is a great deal for an organic oil!)

Rub vigorously between hands
Gently massage on face and neck (do not wet skin first) – also removes makeup while you cleanse
Slowly massage evenly for at least 2 – 3 minutes
Soak a washcloth in hot or very warm water
Squeeze out excess hot water and let cloth lay on face and neck and steam
Lightly wipe face after steam and repeat 3 times
Follow-up with a serum – Apply Rosehip Seed Oil by rubbing between hands and pressing into face and neck
DONE – yep, you are done

It has been 2 months and my hormonal skin (acne and reddening are dramatically improving).

I hope you enjoy this method as much as I do!

Love Your Skin,

Details: coconut oil|sweet almond oil|rosehip seed oil

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