I love this skin cream! The lavender smells so good and is so relaxing! This is perfect for the hands and face- it leaves such a nice dewy finish + it smells so wonderful one could use it as a solid, natural perfume!!

-Megan K.

“I am also a die-hard lavender fan and truly love the cream Ali has created!! It is full of fabulous ingredients and will leave your skin feeling and smelling AMAZING!!! If you are on the fence about buying it – trust me, your only regret will be that you didn’t buy three jars!”


“I cannot believe what a difference in the way my skin felt after just one use!! I love the scent and how you do not need much at all!!! A little goes a long way!! Trust me.. Get this cream and feel for yourself”


“I love this lavender lotion! I’m really picky about lotions because strong scents make my eyes water and most products make my skin turn pink, but this is like butter – soothing and melts into my skin. I put it on before bed, wear cozy socks and wake up with fantastically soft skin. Highly recommended; thank you!”